Call for Papers

The focus of this year's conference is on skill development and training. We will however continue the tradition of holding a pecha kucha session and we invite you to submit a proposal for a case study round table.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a presentation form for transporting information quick and efficiently. You show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. Thus, you have a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds to say what you want the audience to hear. It is fast, fresh and furious. We had a lot of fun at the last conference with this format and everyone was surprised how effective this form of presenting is. If you are not familiar with this format, here are some short videos:

A Pecha Kucha about Pecha Kucha:

How to make a Pecha Kucha:

We are looking forward to your submissions for this year's pecha kucha session. Proposals for individual papers for this session can be submitted on the following broad topics:

Doing research with ATLAS.ti: The focus of the presentation should be on the use of ATLAS.ti throughout the research process - the literature review, data collection, e.g. by using ATLAS.ti mobile, coding, further analysis and visualizations of findings. Further we are interested on papers that discuss the analysis of various data types (text, image, audio, video, geo data, twitter data) and on issues related to assuring quality criteria and how you reported and presented your findings.

Methods and Methodologies: ATLAS.ti users come from a multiplicity of academic disciplines, use the software to research a variety of subject-matters, and approach their analysis guided by different methodological traditions within the qualitative paradigm. What are you studying with the aid of ATLAS.ti? What methodologies and subsequently methods are guiding your research? How does your disciplinary background shape the way you approach data analysis with ATLAS.ti? Tell us about your experience.

Case Study Round Table

In this roundtable session, current users of ATLAS.ti will discuss software applications in a variety of fields and methodological traditions. Among other things, roundtable participants will discuss the nature of the projects in which ATLAS.t is used, the ways in which an analysis project with the software can be approached and implemented, and best practices incorporating findings into report writing. The roundtable will also discuss the way in which ATLAS.ti has enriched the research process but also some of the challenges that users typically encounter when using the software. If you have an interesting experience with ATLAS.ti to report and share with other users, please submit an abstract including the title of your contribution and a description of the project in which you have used ATLAS.ti. Four submissions will be selected to join the roundtable.

Abstract Submission

Feel free to use the submission form below to prepare your proposal.

Please submit your proposal no later than April 30.

All submitted abstracts and case studies will be evaluated with regards to their suitability for the conference. The contact author of a submitted abstract will be notified of acceptance or rejection within two weeks. It is mandatory that authors of accepted presentations attend the ATLAS.ti conference to present their work.