Keynote Addresses

Prof. Klaus Krippendorff

“Why Reliable Data Matter”

Klaus Krippendorff (PhD in Communication, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1967) is Professor of Communication and Gregory Bateson Term Professor for Cybernetics, Language, and Culture at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. Besides numerous publications in journals of communication, sociological methodology, cybernetics, and system theory, he authored Information Theory, Structural Models for Qualitative Data, a Dictionary of Cybernetics, edited Communication and Control in Society, and coedited The Analysis of Communication Content and Developments and Scientific Theories and Computer Techniques.

Besides supporting various initiatives to develop content analysis techniques and continuing work on reliability measurement, Klaus Krippendorff’s current interest is fourfold: With epistemology in mind, he inquires into how language brings forth reality. As a critical scholar, he explores the conditions of entrapment and liberation. As a second-order cybernetician, he plays with recursive constructions of self and others in conversations; and as designer, he attempts to move the meaning and human use of technological artifacts into the center of design considerations, causing a redesign of design – all of them exciting projects.

Dr. Anne-Katrin Luther

“The Entity Mapper: Data Visualization For Qualitative Methods”

The keynote presents the state of the art in qualitative data visualization and introduces The Entity Mapper is an open source web application for visualizing qualitative data as an interactive node-link diagram. By abstracting away, the time-consuming process of constructing a visualization manually, the tool allows the researcher to focus on deriving insights from their data through an instant upload format. It features user authentication, dataset caching, and an integrated administration interface for dataset management. Luther developed the software at the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping (today Center for Data Arts) at the New School in New York City. The software is an interactive web tool that visualizes qualitative data analysis conducted in ATLAS.ti.

Anne Luther is a researcher, art manager and software developer whose work examines the contemporary art market and data visualization in qualitative research. She received her PhD from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and is currently researcher manager at The Center for Data Arts at The New School in New York City and is affiliated with the Department for Modern Art History at the Institute of Art History and Historical Urban Studies at TU Berlin.